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Should I buy Scrivener?

I’m thinking of buying Scrivener before I start my next novel because Word gets hard to use when you’re writing something long.  Does anyone have any experience with it?  Would you recommend buying it, or is there a better program you’ve used?  Any advice would be helpful.  Thanks!

Update (Monday, 6/11) — I bought Scrivener last night and love it so far.  I’ll do a post reviewing it in a month or two, after I’ve had a chance to use it more.


7 thoughts on “Should I buy Scrivener?

  1. I have it. What’s great is that you can do everything you do as a writer all in one space. You can plan & outline, move things around, and write without doing anything major to your actual documents. You can take a “picture” of your writing where it is, change it, and then decide which version you want to keep. You can research things and keep it all together in one spot – including linking websites, importing pdf files, and notes. There are forms you can use to create characters or setting.

    Scrivener also offers multiple platforms from which to write. So you can choose screenwriting format, non-fiction (like academic writing) format, poetry, etc… You can export to almost every form of word processing as well as import. You can format for digital publication (like creating a Kindle drm file).

    For the money, it’s got a lot of bang! I’ve got the Mac version, but the PC version is coming along just as nicely I’ve heard. Cheers, Jenn

      1. It’s pricey, but I think it’s worth it. If you’re still unsure, go to Literature & Latte’s website and watch some of the videos of how to use it.

  2. I’ve never heard of it before… I must investigate as I’m currently editing my latest novel, wading through 165,000 odd words… do you think it would be helpful? Not for now, but next time?

    1. I’ve heard it’s good for large documents. I know for my novel (which is only about 74,000 words), it takes like 30-45 seconds to load every time I open it. I can’t imagine how long yours must take! Also, you can make “note cards” and outlines within it, which sounds helpful.

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